Ramadan is more than? رمضان اكثر من؟


Now that half of Ramadan is over, I noticed how it becomes more about its traditions & less about making use of the blessed month. This series is about me accepting the silly things I do in Ramadan, like making sure we have enough vimto for life instead of actually praying before breaking my fast..
I asked my peers to add to the list, & it was quite a fun experience illustrating how each one of us sees our habits differently!

خلصت نص رمضان ولقيت نفسي مهتمة في أشياء غير مهمة في هذا الشهر الكريم
أوقات الاقي نفسي مهتمه في الڤيمتو إزا جاهز أو لا اكتر من اهتمامي بالأذكار قبل الفطور..
عشان كده نويت ابدأ هدي السلسلة، اكتب فيها اشياء مالها أهمية بنسويها في رمضان لكن من غيرها ما أحس رمضان حيكون”رمضان”





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Kufi Calligraphy


Whether it be due to being born & raised in the arab world, or appreciating the words from the Quran. From a young age I have always appreciated Calligraphy. It takes most calligraphers numerous years to perfect the art, for that reason I chose to take every workshop I could to speed up my self learning process. As artists, we always create images of our minds. For that reason, upon learning calligraphy on my own I did begin to draw pictures with the font. Below is an example for one of my Graphic Design courses at Dar Al Hekma University.


However I was fortunate to go back to the traditional calligraphy when a very close friend of mine was having a workshop. Nasser Al Salem, known as one of the most talented contemporary calligrapher around the world, was asked to give a workshop at Jeddah’s 21,39 Gallery. Due to Nasser’s architectural background he explained to us how art is all about numbers. When it comes to Kufi Calligraphy, a grid is a must. Consistency of width and height of letters is key to a successful Kufi font. Towards the end of the workshop we had learned about the many successful Kufi artists, however Nasser emphasised on how it was important to add your background to calligraphy, for the best results.