Judging; Its wrong.


Generalization > Globalization
Technology seems to be running at its own pace, whether that pace is healthy or not is an argument on its own. From a product’s marketing point of view it could be seen as a cultural bridge, allowing for a more global approach to persuasive adverts. What had stared off as “acting local” & “thinking global” has now been rattled. Ways of dealing the cards have changed & WE are to suffer the consequences. Marketing agencies have started “acting global” instead, reciprocating to the insane pace . A pace that could lead to a lot of ‘side effects’ in the long term. Having one target market may benefit you now, however eventually you will be accountable for giving the title of “generalisation” a whole new definition.

Coming to a less commercial product. We may not put up flyers and bargained prices for Art but we’re all aware of how its becoming a “fashioned product”. Those that never showed a passion for the skill have suddenly started making appearances at galleries! In my opinion its just a phase .. either that or I must keep telling myself that until it actually settles in. The reason for my bitterness concerning the topic are as follows. At any opening day of a gallery, its only natural for it to be blooming, however is it blooming for the right reasons? Huddled up in your best shoes in front of the art pieces, making small talk and enjoying the party favours is not part of sharing a passion for art. All that does is leave those that do behind, struggling to get a slight glimpse of the exhibit. Just like any other product, even the hype for art dyes, that is why it’s always better to visit a gallery once everyone is done socialising & giving out cards for PR.

Having a passion for art myself, I’ve learned to work around these recent changes. Without a doubt everyone loves a full gallery & no one more than the artist himself. However what do you do to make sure the visitors at least try & get a look at your pieces while they mingle? That is when you have to play your own little marketing card .. You may not believe in the “fashion” art is becoming, but after all art is meant to be presented & hence trends need to be studied. “Trend” does not necessarily mean ‘come up with the same art as the world’,on the contrary, make YOUR art the “trend”.

What if you didn’t have to study the trend? What if it were so obvious it started to bug you? Repetitive art can be very irritating. Taking the Saudi Art scene as an example, numerous artists have taken simple rituals and traditions & titled them ‘art’. While exploring on this new “cultural bridge” of ours I felt as though the whole “Hijab/Niqab” concept has been too overdone in our art scene. With a keen interest in street photography, it wasn’t until my last trip to Madina that I realised I was being too judgmental. Until I unintentionally snapped the following photos..


Art may be made according to the trends, but what are trends based on?

The current situations.

Whether it be politics or women on the streets; art will always depict what others fail to see, even if it is overdone. As much as we fight the stereotype, this is only the beginning of our suffering to the power given to the term generalisation.

As much as we hate to admit it, an instant sketch of an arab woman will always consist of an “abaya” or a conservative cover. With an emerging art scene like this, can we really blame the artists? I then realised that I too have started to generalise. Even I have started to point fingers & judge based on no rationale. This woman may represent those that fear the art of photography, but what if we take these concepts in our favour & use them to prove otherwise.

What if I was the merchant and she was the photographer?

Would that still make me think of the “Niqab” as overdone?


Photos Dated – March 2013