A Million Emotions

Winning Photo

Photo Title : A Million Emotions

When I sit down & really think about it,It doesn’t really register.
It all seems like such a blur; because at that split second, everything stopped.

They say you see your entire life flash before your eyes prior to life. That’s why most of us experience the sensation of what we call  “DejaVu”. Well at that split second when I laid my eyes on her, I saw it all. I saw my future just by letting that shutter go.
After that one shot of her I saw the beauty of photography that I didn’t know of. Thanks to that one split second, I saw it all, every emotion I were to face with every breath.
It’s more of a cliché to say “a picture speaks a thousand words”. I’ve heard that phrase so much I too have out grown each & every one of the thousand words. Everyone seems to be talking about technology racing at its insane pace, so why dont we give this cliché a better standing? It may not necessarily have to be a larger numerical value but actually a whole new level. I would say essays with no word limits, & pictures that speak more than just a thousand. For that reason before I lgot abeled as an artsy  photographer I learned my way around a camera, even before I actually owned one.

Before a photographer snaps a shot, a preconceived picture has already been drawn in his mind. The end result may or may not match his prior sketch however sometimes he himself is left bewildered. At times you come to question your own creativity & ask yourself, is my imagination really that wild? You see the shot  after a preconceived picture, & through digital means you are now able to modify it. Numerous ways to please your vast imagination; in a way that best matches your mind’s sketch.
However sometimes a camera helps you do a lot more, not only does it allow you to control what you do with the anatomy of a photo but rather exactly every detail that goes into place.

Lighting aperture & shutter speed?
Yet again clichés
Its way more than that. Not everyone draws the same picture, even when the shutters have been released, you & I might not see what we claim to see. Its all about imagination & every experience helps you gain more of that.
Traveling to interesting areas & going to places where others may not, does not make you a “more experienced” photographer.
On the contrary. I believe It’s all about what you do with what you have :
Basically aim to accomplish THE MOST with what you have, & hope to see things that others don’t within the same environment. Capture the moment & leave others to ponder. They may have been in the same room, at the time, but are still left baffled. At times living in the same house for numerous years & we don’t realize the details hat hold it up.The human mind gets accustomed to aspects of our everyday life, that sometimes proves to be quite a disadvantge.

We have to change
In order to over come these repetitive aspects of life we must break down the muscle that so-called seems to get “accustomed”.
By setting a new objective, look at everything as though it’s your first time.
Hope that every time you see it is as though it’s your first .. again.

A little contradicting but isn’t that what art is all about?

By always giving  great importance to ‘first times’ I came to the conclusion to why “A Million Emotions” is so very dear to me..
It was the first time I fell in love with photography.