Arabian Jewel: Tour of Old Jeddah

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Despite growing up in Saudi Arabia, it was only recently that I got to freely explore down town.
Saudi society is know to be a little conservative & frankly, cameras scare them.

On a more serious note, whilst on this trip we had a tour guide with us, Abeer Sulaiman. Not only did I get to take the pictures of old Hejaz, I learned the story behind every building. It truly was an interesting experience, & as being one the main volunteer photographers of the tour, it was definitely one of the few ‘jobs’ I’ve enjoyed! I do recommend all those that have not visited old Jeddah yet, to do so. Even the UNESCO has announced it a world heritage site!
Some of the photographs I snapped are attached below!

Also news on the UNESCO’s announcement here:


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 One of the town’s residents, watches the kids of the neighbourhood play ball, whilst seated on his throne. Yup, just another day for him!

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Old Architecture > Modern Architecture

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