How DID we all become ‘photographers?’


How many of you have taken at least one photograph on a smart device?
If you haven’t .. please feel free to redirect yourself to the following page: why you should own a smart device.

For those of you have, hallelujah! Most of you have probably even tried to upload a couple on instagram with clever hashtags and tacky filters. Yes I said tacky ..
That does not make you any less of a photographer, but rather makes you believe less in planning over a photograph and more in the edit. Editing is often a skill, that many do not have the eye for. As a graphic designer, who has loved photography for over 5 years I still look back at stuff from last year and wonder what I was thinking!
The easiest way out is to keep it natural. Play with the camera itself rather than the artificial filters they give you easy access to. However in order to understand photography, one must know of its history, which brings us to our topic.Print

As of 2015, we are 7.3 billion people on this planet. 30% being youth, those born and raised into the technology generation.
That is more than 2.2 billion kids on this planet who have been using smart phone cameras and have no idea where they originated, nor how easy it is to take pictures now!

With social media in the hands of 85% of fifteen year olds today, they cover more than 37% of instagram and snap chat’s user base. For that reason, for a recent project for an information design course, we were given the freedom to chose a topic of our choice. As someone who truly began to appreciate photography even more once I knew its history, I thought might as well teach the generation after me as well, as quickly & briefly as possible. After all it isnt their fault they were born in such ‘easy’ times ..
Hence my poster was completed, numerous edits and protypes later, this one proved to be most effective amongst the target audience.
You may go back up and take a closer look at it, constructive criticism is always welcome!