Winner of Create & Inspire 2012

Create & Inspire 2012

In the summer of 2012 I was granted the title ‘Winner of Create & Inspire’. The theme of the competition that year, was focused on the islamic pilgrimage, Hajj. Lucky for me, I had perfumed perfumed Hajj that same year where I had first starting taking photographs. At this point photography was just a mere method to take pictures of the journey, and not at all an artsy tool. Towards the end of Hajj I happened to sit right next to the woman in that picture. At first it was very difficult to snap a picture of her without her knowing, however I thought i’d take a risk .. she smiled right at me!

If at that moment someone had told me, this old woman would be the reason behind:
– falling in love with photography
– changing my education plans from business to graphic design
– going on a 17 day expedition all around the United Kingdom thanks to Offscreen Expeditions
– AND getting my photography exhibited at the British Museum?

Never in a million years would I have believed that. She later inspired me to write one of my best pieces titled  “A Million Emotions

I guess I owe her a lot.

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“Award winning photograph for Crossway Foundation’s acclaimed competition, Create & Inspire& expeditions programme targeting UK and Middle Eastern youth.  A London-based charity delivering arts and education initiatives for young people across the UK and Middle East, with a regional search to find the most talented young artists, photographers and filmmakers.”

Exhibited at :

The British Museum – Addis Gallery : (January 2012 – May 2012)  Click here for Details

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Feel free to read more about the creative journey on

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Top 10 Emergent Artist Prize

Turning Point was the title of  Tashkeel’s most recent competition. Tashkeel is a Dubai based creative hub for artists all over the world. In collaboration with Van Cleef & Arpels and Design Days Dubai, Tashkeel’s Turning Point comprised of works in progress, pieces that shed light on the creative process and that represented an instrumental point in the creation of a final project. The attached photo is my oil painting that I had submitted to their competition, titled ‘Kazimir Malevich x Flavian Woman.’
It was a hybrid painting of what would happen if artist Kazimir Malevich was to redesign the iconic Bust of a Flavian Woman.

Originally made for my final project for my Art History course at University*, I was still glad I got nominated as the top 10 submissions. I may not have won the project but I did get an A* on my Art History final project. Thanks to this competition my urge to win in the coming years is now tripled! For now  ‘Top 10 Middle East Emergent Artist” shall do (:

Flavian woman

Dar Al Hekma University

Course: Introduction to Art History