Malala, who?


Malala Yousafzai, fifteen year old Pakistani girl who supposedly got shot by the taliban on her way back from school. She later got saved and sent to the UK to get cured of the bullet wound in her head. She now lives in Birmingham, continuing her higher education. Did I mention she won a Noble Peace Prize? It must have slipped my mind.

As a start, I suggest we all add Malala’s bullet curing doctor to our speed dials, he’s clearly one step ahead of all the other doctors on the globe .. Now back to Ms Malala winning that Noble Peace Prize. Just to be clear, I have nothing against her personally, she may have done some good to our world. For example, most recently she was the global voice for the Nigerian girls who got abducted in Boko Haram. She helped some Syrian refugees cross the borders, & she helped raise money for the Clinton Global Initiative for education. That’s all nice, aww she clearly deserves a Noble Peace Prize?
If you agree with that last statement, please stop reading here

CIA representative?
Malala’s aim as a global speaker was to allow the women back home to be freely educated, and not be afraid of the Taliban when they’re on their way to school. So how does helping syrian refugees help with that cause? What about her award, is that keeping the Taliban away? She’s still hiding in the UK, I would too but at least I didn’t promise my people back home that I will change things for them.
Some believe Malala was chosen by the CIA, who’s whole tragedy was made up for the media. However, that is not the issue I choose to tackle.

I write this article as an unbiased third party, who sees & reads the news with no control over it. As an artist all I can do is possibly educate some minds of the truth, in a slightly more aesthetic way.
I recently read an article titled:

‘Malala urges Myanmar to halt Rohingya persecution’ –
to be honest I read it twice just for it to settle, four out of those six words I had no clue about. When I finally did some research & understood the article, I noticed once again Malala was voicing a matter she has no place speaking about. The article is about the people of Rohingya, who had migrated back when the British ruled in Burma. These people are restricted on their living standards, family size & job opportunities, despite having lived there for years.
In the article, there is less about how we can help the people of Rohingya get their citizenship, & more about Malala, her tragic story, and how she won a noble prize.

What about those back in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?
Malala continues to voice issues from all around the world, and has stopped voicing those she promised to from back home. Another article published the voices of Malala’s friends from back home in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Her friends mentioned how despite being proud of Malala, they are not able to voice their happiness. They, unlike Malala, can still be reached by the Taliban and live under their fear.

They read the articles, they see her billboards, but are forced to continue their everyday activities.Their lives remain unchanged.


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